Scientific Societies

  • Deutsche Ornithologen-Gesellschaft
  • Ala. Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Vogelkunde und Vogelschutz,
    between 1971 – 1974 member of their board
  • British Ornithologists' Union
  • Ethologische Gesellschaft e.V.
  • Ornithologische Gesellschaft Basel,
    between 1987 – 1998 member of their board
  • EAZA TAG Ciconiiformes & Phoenicopteriformes
  • IUCN SSC Flamingo Specialist Group
  • The Waterbird Society

Nature Conservation

  • Pro Natura Basel – Basler Naturschutz, local representative of Pro Natura - Suisse League for Nature Protection: since 1990 member of the board and different working groups with the focus on railway areas
  • Nature reserve “Petite Camargue Alsacienne” / France) 1993 – 2009: member in different panels and commissions of the assossiations “Association Suisse Pro PCA”, “eAu Vive” and between 2000 – 2009 of “Association Petite Camargue Alsacienne”
  • since 1997 member of the “Advisory Commission for the Protection of Nature and Landscape” of the Executive of the Kanton Basel-Stadt